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Popular Types of Schemas

To improve the website rankings on the search engine result pages, performing SEO activities consistently is very much essential. The SEO practices are further categorized into On Page SEO and Off Page SEO which further includes many factors to perform. In this article we will be discussing about one of the major On Page SEO Factor which is Schemas, they are nothing but the codes that are put up in the backend of the website. These schemas will help you the users to get an additional information about the content available on your website. Also, by these using schema you can get rank on the top of the result page.

Introduction to Rich Results & Schema Markup (Structured Data)

Listed below are some of the most used schema types that has proven to show positive results. Continue reading to know more.

Organization Schema

Organization Schema is one of the used schemas preferred by majority of the organizations. The schema is known for displaying information related to the organization such as the introduction of the company, their brand logo, social media profiles if present, location of the company and such more. For instance, when you visit the google page and type apple you can find all the necessary information on the top right of SERP.

Person Schema

Person Schema is another most used schema to provide information related to a person or a popular celebrity. The schema will focus on providing you with information related to person’s detail like their name, their family members, their birth date, their major achievements or the work they have done and more with a picture. For example, Type Virat Kohli and get the info on top right.

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Article Schema

Article Schema is used by most of the blogger for publishing new posts. This schema is very useful as this helps google bots or the search engines to analyses and understand the content better which would eventually help in improving the ranking of the same. This schema type will be displaying a brief description of the post, when was it posted and such more.

And here the list of some of the most used schema types comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you, do share your reviews about the same.

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