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Top WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Sites that every Blogger can use

As we all know internet is a latest buzz and also the biggest market for any kind of business be it a shopping site, electronics, gadgets, cosmetics, medicines or any other product or services, you can find every essential product on the net. Selling products and services online is one of the best ways to […]

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s initial intention was to connect people from all across over the world. However, with in a short duration, it successfully emerged to be one of the most compelling platforms for social media marketing, helping businesses to reach out to their potential customers. Wanting to know how exactly Facebook marketing can benefit your business? You […]

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing in India that every advertiser be aware of

Affiliate marketing is nothing but where you promote or advertise a product by giving a link under a product review or description you have given. Once you get conversions you can receive a commission on the product sold.  Affiliate marketing in one of the most opted and many of them are into it. With more […]