A2 Hosting: A1 Performance with a Touch of Upsell

A2 has been in the hosting business for a long time now, for almost 16 years and when you have been I the business for so long, you pick up a thing or two. They have as well. What started as a simple web host now offers everything the community has to offer.

What have they done right though? It is not easy for independent companies to exist in this industry and A2 is one of the very few to exist. Not only are they doing alright, but they are also setting the standards in some of the aspects of the industry. They have got to be doing things right to be setting the pace in an industry such as this.

I mean, neither are the cheapest service nor are they tied with companies to stay afloat, but they give a hell of a lot of performance and they have stood by that for the last one and half-decade. That’s what is setting them apart. Now that you know a little about the company, let’s get straight to what makes it one of the best.

What Have they done Right?

A lot of things by the looks of it. I have used their service for only a few months and I can already tell what they are doing right and they are making sure you know it too. If you look at their site, you will see what I mean.

The recurring theme there is the speed the company’s servers can run and maintain. So, you get the idea that speed means a lot to them. Here is the funny thing though, they don’t disappoint.

 Usually, companies outsell themselves and you are left with nothing but disappointment in the end. But with A2 though, I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. The servers are well taken care of and the website loading speeds are the fastest I have ever seen in this market and mind you, I have seen a lot.

This is in part due to the location of their data centres. They call it strategically located-although it is a no brainer- and are placed in Amsterdam, US and Singapore. This means that servers are usually located nearby and carry the data you want.

But that isn’t the only thing they do right. Their customer support is something of a marvel, right out of a marketing ad. You can reach out to them at any point in time and you will reach them, whether it is 2 AM during Christmas morning or dead in the middle of the night.

But what I like about the whole thing is how the reps respond. Usually, you are walked through the solution of your issue but with A2 it’s a little different. You don’t have to do anything other than report the issue, the rest will be handled by them and that, is one of the reasons I would personally choose A2. I simply don’t want to waste my time solving issues that are not caused by me in the first place.

Transparency is another thing A2 excels at and this is because they are independent. Many people don’t like big companies and corporations. I believe that they are necessary evil without which the number of resources that come into play would have never been possible. But I am not a fan of them either, especially in the hosting industry. The level of transparency that you get in independent companies cannot be compared to the ones that are owned by giant corporations.

The only Annoyance

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Now we get to the bad parts or part at least. There is not much not to like about A2 except, for one thing, upsells. You have a lot of upsells. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like upsells, but only when they add value to your cart. In A2 it just crosses that limit from being helpful to simply annoying. You have upsells simply everywhere and it is like a plague that you can’t shake off.

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