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Best Photo Editing Tools For SMM

Photoshop does have some claim to being the best photo editing software there is, simply because it’s the tool most used by professionals and the best-known software tool by far. But Photoshop is pretty limited in its approach, and Adobe’s subscription-based software plans are not popular with everyone, even now. In fact, there are lots of non-Adobe alternatives which take a different and often more innovative approach to photo editing.

Photoshop might still be the best at what it does, but what it does may not be what you want! Remember that Photoshop is also for artists, designers, videographers and illustrators too. There’s a lot in Photoshop you won’t need, and there’s only a finite amount of space inside Photoshop for photography-specific tools. The programs that follow are not organized in order of merit. Each one (barring the last) is quite exceptional in its own field. If you are searching for your next photo editing software application, make sure you check out the whole list before deciding.So, here is a list of some of the best photo editing tools for SMM.

1. Affinity Photo 1.8

Affinity 1.8 is live! - YouTube

We complain that there’s too much Photoshop doesn’t do, but the fact is for many photographers this kind of old-school image-editor is exactly what they need. And Affinity Photo gives you exactly the same thing subscription-free, via a single extra-low payment. Affinity Photo is sold at a budget price point, but it has the tools and the features and the power to compete with Photoshop head-on.

2. PhaseOne Capture One Pro 2020

Phase One Capture One Pro Review | PCMag

Capture One works both as tethered capture and editing tool for studio photographers with a ‘sessions’ based workflow and as a Lightroom-style image cataloging, searching and non-destructive editing tool. Capture One Pro works in a single window rather than in Lightroom-style ‘modules’ and has a highly customizable set of ‘tool tabs’. One of the key differences is its layers-based local adjustment system which makes it much easier to see and edit your changes to your work, and this now includes ‘parametric’ linear and radial gradient masks which you can edit later.

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3. DxO Nik Collection 2.5

Classic Films Get Exposure On The Latest Update Of Nik Collection 2.5

There’s a good deal of crossover between the DxO Nik Collection and PhotoLab, since the Nik Collection bundles a copy of PhotoLab Essential for image browsing, raw processing and local adjustments carried out on images ahead of sending them to the Nik plug-ins. If you’re interested primarily in raw processing and image quality, PhotoLab on its own will do the job; if you’re more interested in creative effects, get the DxO Nik Collection. This includes three quite superb and individually powerful tools: Analog Efex Pro is brilliant at analog/darkroom effects, Color Efex Pro is a hugely powerful suite of filters for individual use or combined into ‘recipes’, and Silver Efex Pro remains the best digital black and white plug-in ever.

These are some of the best photo editing tools for SMM and are just good and get what we all think where the Photoshop gets limited strength and function in photo editing. In case you have any doubts or suggestion for us then feel free to contact us.

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