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How to use Instagram for Business?

Instagram has over a billion people per month, less competition and a greater degree of public participation than any other social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. And this offers firms with the ability to advertise their goods or services broadly, to more target audio-visual communities and potential customers without investing large amounts on […]

How to Go Live on Facebook?

It was 8th December 2016, when the social media experts from around the world toasted the recently revamped social media site and updates became nothing more than Facebook Live’s most powerful video broadcasting feature to consumers. As we know, the most trustworthy key now is live streamed, since Facebook didn’t take the time to start […]

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s initial intention was to connect people from all across over the world. However, with in a short duration, it successfully emerged to be one of the most compelling platforms for social media marketing, helping businesses to reach out to their potential customers. Wanting to know how exactly Facebook marketing can benefit your business? You […]

The Facebook Verification Badge

For businesses to grow on Facebook, consider having the verified badge next to your name on the profile. Listed below are some of its major benefits; Increases credibility The verification badge on your Facebook profile conveys a message to your audience that your page and your services are trustworthy. Also, the badge would differentiate your […]