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Hostpapa Hosting Review: Hosting Plans and AddOn’s


What does good web hosting mean to you? Good customer support, good performance, and cheap plans. Well, HostPapa is a web hosting provider who has it all. The company has already hosted more than 5,00,000 website and are still adding a lot more to their servers.

The company was founded by Jamie Opalchuk in 2006 and since then they haven’t looked back even once. Their service includes shared web hosting, eCommerce Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and a lot more. Apart from all these they also come with quite a lot of attractive features such as SiteLock, SSL certificates, and quite a lot more. Well, if you are interested to know more than continue reading.

Hosting Offered By HostPapa:

Web Hosting:

There are basically three web hosting plans offered by HostPapa which are Starter Plan, Business Plan, and Business Pro Plan and they are available at a price of $3.95, $3.95 & $12.95 per month respectively. These plans also come with a lot of features such as free domain registration, unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth.

But that’s’ not all, both essential and advanced features are also available but there are not available for all the plans. The higher plana also get quite a few extra features such as automatic backups, premium wildcard SSL, domain privacy, and website builders as well.

WordPress Hosting:

Just like web hosting, WordPress Hosting also comes with three plans viz. WP Starter, Wp Business, and WP business Plans, and these are available at $3.95, $5.95 & $12.95 per month. They also come with a bunch of features such as unlimited website, free domain registration, unlimited email accounts, unmetered email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage.

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Along with these, the users will also receive Advanced WP features, premium features, and all essential wp features. The WP Business plan and the WP Business Pro plan also come with pre-installed jetpacks. But the advanced features and premium features are not available for the WP starter plan.

E-commerce Hosting:

When it comes to eCommerce hosting, they provide the users with four different plans those are Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond. Now, these plans are only meant for online websites so the features available with them are quite different as well.

The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond plans are available at $19.99, $39.99, $79.99 & $139.99 per month respectively. But these prices are only available in one chooses to pay for these annually. If one plans to pay for these monthly the prices increase quite a bit. 0% transaction fee, unlimited products, Google analytics, and a few similar features that are common in all the plans.

Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting comes with five different plans which are Bronze, Silver Gold, Platinum, Titanium and there are available at $29.99, $39.99, $69.99, $89.99, $119.99 respectively. Now all of these come with CPU Core, RAM, Free SSD storage, Free bandwidth, Free cPanel accounts, Free SSL certificates, and some essential features.

But not all of these gave the same features, and higher the price of the plan, the more features you are going to receive, and along with that, you are going to receive a lot of extra features too. The top three accounts here will also provide the users with free billing and automation suite.

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Other Products:

Protection Power:

Power protection is a tool whose main goal is to safeguard your website for hackers. This tool requires no software installation and it will protect your site from all kinds of attackers such as hackers, malware, or DDoS attack. The tool scans your website and will proactively remove anything that it deems suspicious or malicious.

And if there are any repairs needed then there is a tea, which is always ready to carry those out. And you can just purchase this as there are three available plans which are Basic, Starter Pro, and Premium, and these plans range from $2.99/month to $24.99/month.


SiteLock is a tool whose main aim is to keep your site free of malware. This is a malware removal tool that will immediately scan all files on your website. If this happens to find any malicious code on your website then it will automatically remove it. And after that, it will upload the clean flies to the server and you can carry out your work without any hassle. It will also add layers with the SSL support and will protect your site accordingly.

SSL Certificates:

As we all know that SSL certificates are quite important for any website. t provides security by encrypting your data. All most all browsers are compatible with SSL certificates. The benefit of HostPapa is that they will validate your SSL certificate and provide one within a few minutes.

And the best part is that if your website is hosted with HostPapa, then the SSL certificates will be installed instantly as soon as you finish the validation process. This is probably the best feature off all the SSL provided by HostPapa use the strongest data encryption that is available today.

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Marketing Tools

HostPapa also comes with a marketing tool that will help you in getting more customers and leads. They will also push your website to the top of the Google Search Results and all the campaigns are also optimized daily for maximum results. This marketing tool is very easy to use and will also help you in growing your targeted list of prospects with ease and can also track and analyze all the visitors on your website. The up-gradation process is quite easy as well.


Without a doubt, HostPapa comes with quite a lot of features and packages, and then you will get the value for its price. It might not be able to provide great features like the big names in the game but it does live up to what it promises.

The thing that you can call a drawback is that to avail the best prices you need to commit to a three-year plan. But there is quite a lot of web host who has these criteria. HostPapa is certainly a worthy choice if you want both the reliability and value of money.



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