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How to Go Live on Facebook?

It was 8th December 2016, when the social media experts from around the world toasted the recently revamped social media site and updates became nothing more than Facebook Live’s most powerful video broadcasting feature to consumers. As we know, the most trustworthy key now is live streamed, since Facebook didn’t take the time to start broadcasting online. While several professionals have had this feature, it is better to exchange enjoyable information and chat live with followers for personal use. The agenda of this article is to explore about How to Go Live on Facebook

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So, lets dive in!

What’s the Facebook live like?

Take your phone, password, or open your device’s Facebook app. Go to the news feed in Facebook and click on the camcorder button to go online.

Description Compose

It’s clear that you want to communicate and engage with more and more people when you’re on the go. To capture people’s interest, you have to write a stunning summary and draw curious views to make them work. The description will be displayed immediately above the video on Facebook users’ profile.

Play with the various filters made available on Facebook

A wide range of filters, doodles and lenses can be found on Facebook. You can choose the options well below the “Start Live Button”. Ensure that the filter that you opt for is suitable and non-distractive for your video content.

A Personal Account Posting? Choose a confidentiality

Facebook live is primarily intended to help your audience connect. But it also gives you a personalised option to choose from. You can limit the viewing of your video by limiting the audience by demographics, also using the limitation of the Facebook audience. Go to the ellipsis button in the bottom right and click on it, select audience restrictions. Switch on the “Geo Controls” and use the location taps to choose the locations that you either want to exclude or include.

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And here the list of some of the most effective tips on going live on Facebook comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you, do share your views for the same.

With over 2 million monthly active users, Facebook is truly a great platform to bring exposure to your business and going live on Facebook will help you build an effective connection with the audience.

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