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InMotion Hosting Review: Why Inmotion Hosting is the best?

Inmotion Hosting is one of the top hosting services in the world today. It is widely known for being a privately held company.  It has a wide range of support and services that can be appealing for businesses and entrepreneurs from small to big companies.

It has steadily grown itself to be best in the business and has competed with the likes of Blue Host, GoDaddy and HostGator.With many hosting companies available in the market today, it can become quite confusing which to choose. Hence we bring you this review on Inmotion that will be helpful in finding the best hosting for you.   

Features Of Inmotion Hosting 

Shared Hosting 

Inmotion Hosting provides one of the best hosting service solutions in the form of web hosting. Shared web hosting is something that shares a single server with multiple websites on it.

Inmotion Hosting is based on the Linux operating system , and it offers in three categories and these are priced at $7.46 , 9.99 $ and 15.99 $ per month respectively. 


VPS Hosting is one of the best types of hosting if you are looking for security and performance at the same time. Generally if your websites are hosted on VPS servers it means that very few websites are competing or the resources . This can improve the overall performance if you upgrade from Shared Hosting.

The plan starts at 41.64 $ per month and clocks at 154$ per month for the exclusive plan. You are paying for premium services.

Dedicated Hosting

Are you looking to host your website privately? Then Dedicated Hosting is your answer. Your websites will have all the necessary resources to turn into independent, reliable, and secure websites with the help of dedicated hosting.

However, if your website has a huge volume of traffic then it would be best to turn to dedicated hosting. The prices start at 136$ per month providing storage up to 3 TB.  

WordPress Hosting  

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Websites these days are built on WordPress platform because these of the flexibility and powerful to customized websites as well manage content. Apart from blogs which most of it is run on WordPress, common websites about 30-40%  are hosted on WordPress.

Inmotion Hosting provides a great deal in WordPress Hosting when it comes 8.99$ per month. It has all the features that are important such a pre-installed management system, daily backup and updates.   

Reliability & Performance 

Inmotion Hosting houses state-of-the-art technology and provides reliable services to its customers. It uses SSD drives that guarantee faster server speed hence improving the overall performance and reliability. 

It makes sure that the websites can handle heavy traffic without any lag or downtime. This is due to advanced drivers and the use of the latest PHP 7 technology in their systems.

It has maintained an uptime of 99.99 through the year, while the loading speeds were found to be under 200 ms.


Inmotion provides various hosting capabilities while the most known hosting are 

  • Shared Hosting 
  • VPS Hosting 
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Managed Hosting 
  • Reseller Hosting

Shared Business Hosting plan:

It is one of the best offerings from Inmotion and best suited for beginner and small business.  It has three plans and they are known as 

  • Launch- 7.99 $ per month
  • Power- 9.99 $ per month
  • Pro- 10.99 $ per month

Dedicated Hosting Plan

Dedicated Hosting is best suited for a website that has high volume of incoming traffic, specially business or brands. It is designed to serve the requirements of business and at the same time retaining. The three types plans are

  • Essential – 188.99 $ per month   
  • Advanced – 219.99 $ per month
  • Elite – 299.99 $ per month

WordPress Hosting

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Inmotion is known as one of the best websites for providing WordPress hosting. It has the capabilities to provide excellent support for WordPress plans. It has five WordPress plans, and these are.

  • WP- 1000S – 5.89 $ per month
  • WP-2000S – 10.99 $ per month
  • WP-3000S – 14.99 $ per month
  • WP-4000S – 29.99 $ per month 
  • WP-5000S – 59.99 $ per month

Customer Support

Customer Support is essential for any business as it is totally responsible for generating leads as well as retaining present customers. 

Inmotion customers can be accessible via chat and phone call. However, the website has dedicated page known as “Support Center” which has a all the important links such as Product Guide, Knowledge Base, Community Support, Blogs and Educational Channels.

With plenty of video tutorials that explains common To Do’s and Nots. The support has over 5000+ tutorials that can be helpful for you.

You can submit a ticket or call or send an email directly.


Inmotion Hosting is no way a joke, it is one of the best emerging hosting companies in the market today. It has tons of flexible options when coming to be hosting as it provides all kinds of hosting solutions for customers such as Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting. 

Although the Inmotion hosting provides all the features exclusive to the Pro users, hence it can be one of the drawbacks as the Pro is priced higher than the normal plans. 

With daily automated backups, security monitors and unmetered data bandwidth, Inmotion hosting is our favorites and we highly recommend it. 


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