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KnownHost Reviews: Types of Hosting and Features


With a huge competition in the hosting industry, a very well-known name called known host comes to the market in the year 2006 with lots of facilities to their customers and since then it has made its remark. KnownHost runs a total of 4 Data Centers with three in the Us and One in Europe. All the Data Centers has top-level security with 24/7 onsite security along with continuous power supplies and multiple internet connections.

Types of Hosting:

Well, KnownHost also offers a wide range of hosting plans and offers which has varieties of features. Let us describe and brief you with some of the types of hosting that the company is offering to its users.


  • Shared Web Hosting:


Shared Web Hosting is one of the most common plans a user opts because of its comfort pricing equipped with decent features for entry-level beginners in this field. Some of the top features of this plan include domains hosting, Cloud Storage, Email Accounts, My SQL Database, Unlimited Premium Bandwidth and many more. Well, there are three more sub-plans included in it such as Basic, Standard and Professional Shared Hosting where pricing starts with $3.47, $6.47 and $9.97 respectively. Each plan has its feature and as you will be able to spend some more dollars you will get extra premium features of it.


  • Managed SSD-Powered VPS Hosting:


This plan is especially for those who seek SSD Virtual Private Server for their Website hosting. The pricing of this plan starts with $28/month and has some of the best features that include fastest disk input-output operations which are fully managed. Up to 6 core CPU Processor for superb speed along with 2-6 GB of RAM a Raid 10 SSD Storage for smooth I/O transmission, Premium Bandwidth and many more. KnownHost will also provide you Free Migrations along with automated updates with this plan you choose. 


  • Managed KVM Cloud VPS Hosting:
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Well if you are looking for a cloud-based VPS hosting then this plan will help you a lot. This plan is specially designed for those who are looking for the flexibility of the cloud with a maximum performance of SSD with 100% uptime of their website they can rely on. The Pricing of this plan starts with $50.40/month which is occupied with the best features you can trust with. Some of the top features include vCPU up to 6 Cores, Guaranteed RAM up to 8 GB, Cloud storage of 200 GB, Premium Bandwidth up to 4TB and many more.


  • Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting:


For those who are looking for an ultimate premium solution for their web hosting then KnownHost is providing you with Managed Dedicated Servers with pricing starts as low as $158/month. With the highest power available this plan will keep you running all day and night for 24 Hours. Specially designed for those websites which have the highest traffic all day this plan will never let you down. It comes with custom packages which are indeed fully managed and has automated updates featured in it. KnownHost also provides you with free migration with this plan for better support. 

What did we like about KnownHost? 

As we have mentioned before there are a lot of other web hosting companies or platforms available in the market and yet it is very difficult to keep your remark and show your availability for your customers. KnownHost is a platform where you can get varieties of plans and features with affordable pricing which makes it different from other companies as well.


  • Customer Support:
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If we talk about the support for their customers KnownHost is also able to keep their remark 100%. They have dedicated trained and professional customer support available for their customers 24/7/365. You can connect with them through Chats, Email or Tele calling and the average response time is approximate 2.5 minutes as promised by them. As per certain reviews, it is well said that the support has a success rate of 99% in solving their customer’s query.


  • Performance:


As per certain tests reviews by top professionals, it is well said that KnownHost can provide and promised 99.9% uptime for all the plans they provide. By any chance if it is not able to provide this uptime then falls below 99.9% then the company will provide you 1 month of free hosting which surely shows their confidence. The Automatic backups in each plan is a plus point for them and their users as well.


Overall KnwonHost is a very managed company for your web hosting service. With varieties of plans and promise of 99.9% uptime along with 30 days, moneyback guarantee will surely give you confidence while buying any plans for them. The pricing is affordable and plans are yet comfortable to choose for any beginners or expert professionals.


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