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Pros and Cons of Hostwinds 

Hostwinds have been absolutely brilliant with their clients when it comes to services as well as customer support. The company was founded way back in 2010, and since then they have been serving the clients with absolute hospitality. So, are you curious about the services that hostwinds offer? We are here to provide all the information about the services and the plans that you need to opt through hostwinds. Right from hostwinds reviews to customer support and services, we will be discussing in our blog. Stay tuned! 

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Cost-Effective Pricing

As a company, if you want to survive in the internet market, you need to be cost-effective and aggressive. Well Hostwinds are in this radar. They provide an all in one solution at a cost-effective pricing and at the same time holds the at most responsibility when ever there is an issue. 

Page Speed and Up-time

If you have to think from the visitor’s end, page speed is supposed to be an important aspect. It is quite natural that if the page speed is slow, a visitor is not going to stay till the page loads. Hostwinds, ensures that your page speed is optimized and at the same time they will also make sure that your website maintains 99.99% uptime. 

Customer Support

Since the company is well-established, they have a separate team which looks after queries from the clients. No other company would respond to your queries over the phone but they would help you rectify the issues but in Hostwinds, they will interact with the customer over the phone or through mails and also gives quotes based on your requirement. The dedicated team is available if there is any sought of server breakdown round the clock. Henceforth, reliability and stability are the two main focus factors from the company’s side. 

E-Commerce Features

All you need to do is think what website fits in your requirements. For instance, you already have a service or products in house, you buy a e-commerce website. For start-ups, it is always recommended a normal website with a shared hosting plan. Hostwinds are going to help you understand which website goes well with your requirement, accordingly you can choose. 

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Free WordPress: 

WordPress has been one of the best tools for setting up a website. Hostwinds provides access to WordPress as well. They will also help in customization of your website. Customization as in the themes. 

Hosting Plans:

There are three different types of hosting plans that they offer. Cloud Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, and Dedicated web hosting. Cloud hosting is on the expensive side and is recommended for those who have an e-commerce website. On the other hand, Shared Web Hosting is way cheaper than the other two. If you are willing to start with a basic site, Shared web hosting is always there. 


Well in shared web hosting plan, you will not be allowed to access all the features as the pricing is less. But to kick start your campaigns in SEO, hostwinds is affordable. 

We hope this answer most of your doubts regarding hostwinds reviews. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section. Stay connected to us for more such sections and thanks for reading.

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