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ResellerClub Hosting Review: Things To know Before Buying

ResellerClub is a web hosting provider that has been built with the goal of providing reliable web hosting, in short, this a one-stop-shop for professionals and SMEs to establish their web presence. They provide their users with Web hosting, email hosting, and security products by partnering up with various notable names. They also provide their customers with quite a lot of features and that too at very low prices.

The web host might seem to very new to the game but their reputation precedes them. Their company is owned by the famous EIG group, the same group that owns companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. The company is based in India and they have over 2 Lakhs customers from over 150 countries. And that’s not all, as the company also manages over five million domain names and all these are solely managed by just 250 people spread over just 8 countries.

Why do You need to Choose It?

The company comes offers a lot to its customers and just as the name says their main goal to provide reseller web hosting. The features that come with the reseller hosting are one of a kind and have quite a bunch of premium features as well.

And along with that the prices of all the plans available under Reseller hosting banner are very low prices when compared to other reseller web hosting providers. Here are a few reasons as to why you need to choose this web host.


Uptime has to be the most important feature when it comes to choosing any web host. The company promises that they provide at least 99.99% uptime and they even back their claim as well. But they actually deliver what the promise, a test was carried out to check how good their uptime is and it was found that they actually do provide what they preach. But for them again even if the uptime is 99.99%, then also you will suffer around less than 40 minutes per month.

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Response Time:

Along with the uptime, there is the factor of the site load speed or average response time. ResellerClub can do a bit better here as the average response time of the site 553ms, which is pretty good in itself. But what Google suggests is that any website that wants to affect the mobile ranking should have a response time of 200ms or lower. In short, the website should load in less than 3 seconds.


Everyone is quite aware of the fact that the cPanel Control panel is the best when it comes to the cPanel of a website. They i.e. ResellerClub provides their users with cPanel control panel and this makes it all the easier to use the manage your website with ease. cPanel is very easy to use and you don’t need to be a tech expert or any kind of tech-savvy person to operate this one with ease.


Security is the top priority of every web host out there and the same applied for Reseller as well. They provide you with a bunch of security features. One of those security features is SiteLock Web Security. A lot of people are quite aware and familiar with this as these security features will provide you with comprehensive website scanning and malware removal as well. Along with that, it will also boost your site speed and improve your SEO rankings as well.

Customer Support:

Customer support is on the top of the list of every web host and ResellerClub is the same as well. They provide seamless customer support 24/7 via live chat and ticket support. All technical issues are solved through live chat support and if you have any billing issues then that would be taken care of by ticket support.

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If you want then you can get in touch with them via a phone call as well. The response time of the support staff is quite goofed as well and you can expect them to get back to you within minutes. Apart from that, they take a bit of time while solving the issues but they are very responsive and will go out of their way to help you out.

Pricing & Payment:

The prices of the hosting plans, available with them are quite low in comparison to other web hosts and that’s not all, their plans come with a lot of features as well. Like the Personal Web hosting plan, which the most basic plan available with ResellerClub comes at a mere price of $2.49/mo. But that’s not all, this plan also has quite a lot of premium features as well.

Some of the features available in this plan are available with this plan are Free SSL certificates, unmetered disk space, unmetered data transfer, unlimited email accounts, free cPanel, 1-click enabled installation, etc. Some people might argue with the fact that these are available with hosting plans of other web hosts as well but will they provide them such cheap rates? Definitely not! There are other plans as well which provide better features and the pricing is quite within budget as well.


Mostly all entrepreneurs start with a very tight budget and its quite safe to say that they would want to have something that is cheap and reliable. And along with that, they would also want something that would come with a bunch of features.

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ResellerClub provides just that! Choosing this web host will be worth it and it will provide you with the value for money as well. So, if this sounds like the right web hosting for you then just go ahead and get started with them

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