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The Facebook Verification Badge

For businesses to grow on Facebook, consider having the verified badge next to your name on the profile. Listed below are some of its major benefits;

Increases credibility

The verification badge on your Facebook profile conveys a message to your audience that your page and your services are trustworthy. Also, the badge would differentiate your profile from the other pages with similar names and helps you establish a legitimacy in comparison to those pages who hasn’t received the badge yet.

Improved search footprint

The verification badge symbolizes that your page has been noticed and thoroughly reviewed by the Facebook, the approval of the badge will instigate Facebook’s algorithm which will automatically place your name at the top of the search results

Increased number of followers

Since, your page is trustworthy and has been approved by the Facebook authority, people will consider your page to be truly genuine and with the help of Facebook’s algorithm, being at the top of search results, it will help you increase more and more number of followers on your page along with higher rate of engagement. Easier to be found by the users and a strong search presence are the two major factors that can help you increase your followers rapidly

Early access to new Facebook features

One of the major benefits of getting verified by Facebook authority is that you will have an early access to the new tools and features that are not yet available to all the Facebook users across the globe.

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Features on Brand social pages

After being a verified business account, various other brands and accounts will be able to “whitelist” you by featuring your page content over theirs.

How to get a verified-on Facebook?

In order to get verified by Facebook, you will have to go through a complete process. Once, Facebook reviews your account and considers your Facebook business page to be an eligible one, the verification badge will then appear next to your name on your profile as well as in search results

How to get verified on Facebook and mark your account as authentic ...

Following are the steps on how to get blue tick on Facebook

  1. Ensure that your Facebook Page is categorised as a Local Business/Company/Organization in the about section of your page.
  2. Go to the settings tab of your page
  3. From the General option, choose the “Page Verification” option
  4. Click on “Verify this Page” and then click on “Get started”
  5. Enter the publicly listed phone number for your business, county and language
  6. Click on “Call me Now” to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code
  7. Enter the 4 digit code sent and click continue

NOTE: In case, you do not have a publicly listed phone number then you can submit documents like, business utility bill/phone bill, certificate of formation, tax file, article of incorporation. Digital Copy is required to upload the document to Facebook.

Hope, this article on how to get blue tick on Facebook has been informative to you. Thank you!!

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