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Top 5 schema markup types that are very popular

One more SEO Activity that is very essential for ranking the website on a search engine result page is adding on schema to your website or webpage. Schema’s are nothing but a set of codes that is added to your page which is appeared under the title tags. Schemas are also very important to add through which the Search engine crawlers can understand your content properly which and can add in extra information which will be displayed when searched. There are many types of schema’s that can be added according to what you need.

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Here are some of the top schema markup types that are very popular.

Organization Markup Schema

Organization Markup Schema is a is added so that it can display all the necessary information of an organization such as company’s introduction, their logo, their official name, location or address, contact information and profiles of other social media channels.

Local Business Markup

This is also one of the most important schema that must be added which is especially built for local company where the audience can easily find their location. This schema gives the information related to company’s locations, their open and closing timings, contact details, information and other important info are put up.

Schema Person Markup

Schema Person Markup can also be added up is the site is about any person that is particularly famous. By adding this schema, you can find the information of a person such as name, birthdays, family members, education and address.

Product and Offer Markup

The Product and Offer Markup schema is mainly used with a goal to sell a product or the service. These two schema’s are used to show the information about the product, its cost and status. In product markup only name is required where as in offer schema both price and price currency are required.

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Article Markup

Article Markup is a very important that very schema markup that is must to use by every blogger or for News articles through which the crawlers can understand your content easily. Through this schema the users can know when was the blog published, the title and from which blog or news.

These are some of the top schema markup that every blogger or a website owner must use as schema’s are also one factor for ranking on the top of the result page. Do let us know on how you found this article.

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