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Top Social Media Marketing Courses

The platforms and features in social media seem to change every other week, so you definitely need to be helped whether you are just starting social media marketing or want to play your game. Although you use one of the best social media tools, a course that is not only very well last year but still important right now needs to be chosen. There is only one issue, how do you know what courses to choose in social media? There are literally thousands online and it is difficult to know who amateurs are running and who provides real business knowledge from respected experts. Here are some of the top social media marketing courses.

Top Social Media Marketing Courses

Udemy – Social Media Marketing MASTERY

Don’t let “mastery” fool you – Udemy ‘s MASTERY course is suitable for starting social media marketers. It promises to help you learn how to use various platforms to promote your business effectively through social media advertising from A to Z. This course covers all the major players such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, Google My Business. You will also find information about blogging, SEO, and tools to improve your marketing.

Hootsuite Academy – Social Marketing Training

Hootsuite is an excellent place to begin your training in social media. The Hootsuite strategy is very different from other providers. It is part of its social marketing training program for several mini-courses. You can start as a novice, but you should all learn the skills that professionals use by the end. Courses with some downloadable information can be delivered free of charge via video and text.

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Many of the videos take only a few minutes. The entire course takes about six hours, including drills and questionnaires. The content of the course is constantly revised, so you can be sure that the latest material is still available.

Fiverr Learn – Social Media Content Strategy

Fiverr Learn’s Social Media Content Strategy course provides you with key elements in the creation and implementation of social media marketing content strategy. The teacher is an experienced Rita Cidre, who is appointed Hubspot’s leading growth marketer and is currently Qualtrics’ marketing manager.

The course includes 23 videos containing a total of approximately one hour and a half contents. This provides information about your social media marketing targets, your audience’s identity, campaign description and execution, and more.

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