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4 SEO Reports Essentials

Creating Search Engine Optimization reports for the clients can be a frightening task. Each business has specific goals determined. In many cases, it is important the reports must be both, elementary as well as robust.

SEO reports are extremely important to monitor the performance of the website in the internet. Through SEO reports, you can deliver information of the performance of the SEO campaigns performed to the clients, upper level management and various other stakeholders.

Do you know to make a perfect SEO reports? Well, it’s ok even if you don’t, not to worry! In this article we will be discussing about the essentials that you must include while making SEO reports for your clients.

Create A Perfect SEO Report For Clients - 6 Essential Pointers

Traffic: Channels

If the goal of your client is to generate more and more organic traffic then it is important to place the traffic details at the beginning of the SEO report. Ensure using the Source section of the traffic report for more specifics related to the location of the traffic. Therefore, it will help you conclude where you should spend your time and money.

Conversion rate and Goal completion

Getting enormous traffic is amazing but it doesn’t really make sense if that traffic isn’t doing what you want them to do which is to convert. Clients are more likely to look for the metrics and so the conversion rate is best to be placed at the beginning of the report.

Page Level Traffic

To know where user visitors are engaging within your website is as important as knowing where your visitors are coming from. Page level traffic would help the client to know which pages of the website are being liked the most by the client and which pages needs to be improvised in order to grab the attention of the users.

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Time on site and the Bounce rate

To know whether or not, your website content is sticky then it is important to track the amount of time readers spend on your website. For instance, if you witness that the users are leaving the landing after 10 seconds but that landing page have many outbound likens that you will have to worry regarding the time on site and the bounce rate of that page.

To conclude, irrespective of what metric you are pulling it in the report, you should have a comparison of time-frames such as month to month, quarter to quarter, campaign by campaign and so on.

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