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Best WordPress Plugins For Free

In today’s time, the term “free” has become non-existence. However, you will be amazed at the list that we curated dedicated to wordpress plugins free.

WordPress Plugins have been part of the whole ecosystem as it provides better functionality and customization to your WordPress website. The role of plugins is to make the quality of your content appealing and effective.

This is made possible due to the extreme hard and generous behavior of developers who made such essential plugins accessible to the population.

We will list all the important Plugins you need right now.

Best WordPress Plugins For Free


TablePress is one of the most impressive WordPress plugins with more than 3000+ votes. It is used for creating tables like an Excel Sheet, where you can import data.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an essential plugin for a website and it has over millions of downloads with 4.8 stars. This free plugin can handle all the SEO stuff that is important for search engine visibility. It also suggests your content so that it is optimized for users and Google.

Pretty Links

This plugin can be useful if you are running a website with affiliate products. It can cloak your affiliate links using your own domain name.

For example, allseo.biz/ref/product_name

Really Simple SSL

It is important for websites to have SSL certificates. If you are moving from an HTTP to an HTTPS  it might cost you money. However, these plugins provide free SSL certificates so that you have to pay any amount for SSL.

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Really Simple SSL has over 4.5 ratings and has more a million active users.


If you have a slow website then it is time for you to install Autoptimize. It speeds up your website by optimizing the sites HTML, JavaScript, and  CSS, etc. It does it by two methods by minification and concatenation.


Too many images can affect the loading speeds of your website. Hence it is important to compress and resize it. Smush does this job for you and the good part is that the images won’t lose their quality.

We hope that you liked our article on free WordPress plugins.

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