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Difference Between Website Builder and Web Hosting

Is there any difference between a Website builder and Web hosting? 

Well, there is, and it’s a huge one!

Let’s get started with web hosting and then move on to the Website builder. 

So, what is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that is provided by various organizations to host a website or web page on the Internet. These websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. 

So, whenever a user wants to view your website, they just need to type in the name of your website or the domain in the browser, and that would be all. And after that, their system will connect to your server, and then their computer will display your web pages. 

So, that’s what web hosting is all about. Now, let us try to learn a bit more about web hosting and something very important called cPanel.

Difference Between Website Builder and Web Hosting

Traditional Web Hosting and cPanel

Before we move on with the benefits of both traditional web hosting and traditional cPanel, it’s quite important that you get to know about what cPanel is!

cPanel or Control Panel is a web-based interface provided by a web hosting service that allows users to manage their servers and hosted services. 

Now, there is a control panel that goes by the name of cPanel, and that is very popular among all the control panels available as it is beginner-friendly. 

Since this is cleared up, let’s move on to talking about what to expect from a web host. 

Outstanding Support

Customer support is a huge part of web hosting, and it shouldn’t be ignored in any possible way. The reason it is so important is that a small glitch can shut down your whole website, and the more time your website stays down, the more web traffic you lose and thus lose revenue in return. So, having great customer support helps out a lot as they will fix your problems with ease and will also make sure that you get maximum uptime.

HostGator’s customer service is consistently rated among the best in the industry. The customer service is excellent, and the personnel is quite informed. They may be reached by phone or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though they don’t have a ticketing system, you can use their knowledgebase to find answers to a variety of questions. Almost all of the answers to your questions would be found there.

Data Management

This is a huge part of web hosting, as this provides you with complete control over content management. You would be able to post articles or contents according to your choice and decide how they appear and also decide the number of ads that appear on the posts. You don’t have to worry about the amount of data and can add any number of pages to your website. 

Design and Style

Web hosting allows you to get unrestricted access when designing and styling of the website is concerned. It lets you experiment with the different layouts and designs of the site before settling with the final result. 


Web hosts provide strong security privileges through various advanced tools. Apart from that, they employ professional system engineers, and these people are responsible for taking care of all these. They also have quite a lot of other security measures such as virus scanning, OS updates, etc. 

SEO Opportunities

The best part of traditional web hosting is the fact that they provide you with complete control over the SEO practices, but that’s different when it comes to other web hosting types. The other web hosting’s or free web hosting can’t help you when it comes to SEO, and it will be very difficult to rank these websites. 

Now that we understand the basics of web hosting, let us try to understand more about Website Builder. 

So, what is a Website Builder?

Website Builder

Website builders are referred to those tools that help in the construction of websites without any sort of manual code editing. You can literally drag-and-drop equips and build yourself a website without any coding experience. 

So, if you don’t have to fret about building a website, if you don’t have any technical experience, this is more like a complete solution for you as all you need to do is get a website builder.

The website builder will come with a lot of templates that will let you input your content and design a website that would seem like to be designed by experts.

Now, there are two types of website builders. Those are offline website builders and online website builders. 

The offline website builder is a software that you need to purchase and download and install it. Now, the benefit of this builder is that you can use this even when you are offline, and after it’s done, you can upload it to a web host. But for this, you need to purchase a web hosting as well. 

When it comes to online website builders, it’s quite easier and simpler to use as you don’t have to download or install anything. You just have to purchase a web hosting for a web host, and they will provide you with the website builder. You will be able to access it from anywhere in the world. 

Benefits of Website Builder

Website Builders come with a lot of benefits. Here are some of those below. 

  • No technical or programming skills are needed. So, anybody can use this and make a professional website for them with ease. And all they would be required to do is drag-and-drop the necessary elements with the simple click of a mouse and be done with it. 
  • Since most website builders are web-based, it makes it quite easy for you to edit from anywhere. All you need is a browser, internet connection, and a device, and then you can log in to your device and start editing your website. 
  • Templates are one of the best features of website builders. With these around, you won’t be needing any graphics designer. You can just choose a professionally designed template and design that according to your choice. 
  • It takes very little time to design and get the website up and running in no time. These builders simplify the whole process of making the website. Just choose the template that you like and accordingly add your contents to it, and that would be all. 
  • Maintaining the website is very easy as well. The reason is the drag-and-drop feature that allows the users with ease of editing the website according to their choice and in no time. 

Now, there are quite a lot of website builders and among them that is hailed to be the best, the Gator Website Builder from HostGator. More about this you can read down below. 

Gator Website Builder

The Gator Website Builder is a new tool that has been introduced by HostGator, and it is a very powerful tool. This is a drag-and-drop editor tool that allows you to build a website from scratch within no-time. 

The best part of this website builder is that it’s very user-friendly, and it comes with a lot of pre-designed templates. The templates might appear to be a bit basic, but they are perfect for creating blogs. 

Apart from all these, there is quite a lot of other astonishing feature as well, and it also provides you with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. 

Well, there is no free trial on this builder, but the price of this tool is very reasonable. 

But that’s not all there is about the Gator Website Builder. It also comes with free SSL certificates, eCommerce functionality, professional stock photo library, free domain name, and blogging functionality. There are a few other minor benefits too. 

What Else HostGator Provides You?

Besides these, you will also have access to features of HostGator, which are

Uptime Guarantee

HostGator does provide you with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The uptime in real-time might not be that much, but it clocks around 99.98% every month. They are so confident about their uptime that they have a clause in place, which states that if their uptime falls below 99.90% in a single month, they will provide the user with free credits for the whole month in their account.

Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have become one of the basic necessities of a website as it protects the identity of the user from scammers and hackers. Generally. Most web hosts charge a handsome amount for providing SSL certificates. But HostGator provides it for free to its customers. 

45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator has a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee policy. Now, if you don’t like the services or are not satisfied enough with their services, then you can apply for this. But the timing of applying for this should be between 45 days from the date of purchase. And if done within the due time, you will get your money back. 

Customer Support

HostGator is considered to be the “King” when it comes to customer support. They have the best customer support there is. The reason behind that is the fact that their response time, which is, to be honest, the best I have seen so far. 

Sadly, they don’t have an Email support option; they have a live chat and phone call support. As I mentioned before, the response time is very fast, especially when it comes to Live chat. Besides this, they have a huge knowledge base, where you will find almost 90% of the answers to your queries. 

Why do I use HostGator?

I have used web hosting service from some of the big names such as SiteGround, Bluehost, Interserver, GreenGeeks, etc. and my overall experience with these has been somewhat of an average ride. 

Three years back, I started using HostGator, and to be honest, this has been the best web host that I have come across. The reason is that they have the best customer support, and they also have some of the best plans available. Though the price of the plans might seem a bit higher when compared to some other web-hosting providers, you need to look at the features and quality of the service they provide. 

Check out the pricing of Hostgator plans here

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So far, I have had the best experience in web hosting with HostGator, and because of that, I plan on sticking to HostGator. Why shouldn’t I? I get some of the best features available in web hosting, and if I face any issues, they get resolved within a moment’s notice. Why would I even want to choose any other web hosting? 





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