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Is WordPress A CMS or Not?

One of the often-heard question in the digital marketing world is , is wordpress a cms? Probably it is one of the most talked topics now. And especially starters of WordPress can annoy you.

So, in this case, we are making your life easier by answering today WordPress is a CMS. Before proceeding to the main answer let’s talk what CMS stands means?

CMS or Content Management Systems is a system that manages the creation or curation or modification of digital content on the web. Think about CMS as your personal assistant which manages your work and enables multiple users to connect to you. It helps in governing and control of the workflow.

When talking about CMS , there are many CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. But WordPress gets majority of the share in the market and being the largest platform of choice for website CMS technologies.

How To Use WordPress As A CMS?

Install WordPress – Since majority of the hosting services provides free WordPress, therefore install it.

Optimize WordPress using theme and plugins

Publish a post/article/content , adding images on it.


Yes , WordPress being a free CMS is an open-source and provides free services for anyone to use its services. The best thing about CMS is that it allows full root access over your files and documents and WordPress has powered from small websites to large websites including It companies, universities, web directories etc.

We hope that our article has answered your question. Thank You

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