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Know more about drop shipping!

In this world, where everything changes very rapidly you need to be sure about everything you do. One such thing is keeping stocks for any niche let it be clothing, shoes, appliances, electronics, make up, cosmetics and many more other things, it is not safe as anytime it can be outdated or banned or even trends can change. The best way to avoid all these is by drop shipping, drop shipping means that the retailer doesn’t keep any stocks of the product, but he places the order for that particular product once the order is placed by the customers.

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Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the drop shipping has.

Some of the advantages of drop shipping are:

  • You can start up with a low cost that is you don’t have to invest much, your inventory cost will be much lower than other websites as you don’t have to buy a ware house and stock everything, where you also have a chance of increasing a dead stock.
  • You can also avoid the extra order fulfillment costs as the third party has to take care of everything and not you.
  • You can sell those products which are not easily available in the market and can attract customers and create demand for it.

Some of the disadvantages of drop shipping are:

  • As you don’t keep stock, you have to be dependent on the third person and can loose out on that customer they don’t keep stock for it.
  • You will not be having a control on your customers and the order delivery, as it all handled by the third party. Your name and status may also come down if there are any mistake done by the other person.
  • You don’t have your direct customer that is you loose control on your customers and relationship between the customers cannot be that strong. There is no much scope on gaining higher profits and your profit margin may come down.
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Some of the successful and best drop shipping sites are oberlo, bluember.in, wholesale2b, baapstore.com, doba, hothaat.com, inventory source, dropship direct, sunrise wholesale merchandise, worldwide brand, etc. are some of the best drop shipping sites in this world and absolutely amazing in their work.

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