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Simple tips on how to do link building

Link Building also known as backlink is where you get reference by other reputed pages with high DA and PA. Link building was not considered by many people and was not into practice but google clearly says that link building is very important factor for ranking your page.

3 Simple and Effective Link Building Tips for Local SEO | Inc.com

Here are some simple tips on how to do link building

Ask for backlinks

This is one of the most basic steps where you can request any of family members, relatives, friends or any person you know who runs a website or blog where they give you in-content link. Always make sure to ask backlink with similar niches.

Build Connections

One more important trick for building links by building good relation where you can connect to many people with similar topics where you can make the first step by commenting on their post. You can also connect to other communities that is related to your niche.

Testimonial links

Building testimonial links is also one of the best ways to generate links, which is still better than sending request email of backlink. Many companies give you a chance of testimonial links where you have to speak about their services or product.


It is very important that you not only create a website with one blog and leave it of but keep your blog alive by writing on article which is well constructed and related to the niche you have picked. If you have a blog filled up with original content then only you can expect to get backlink.

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Trustworthy Directories

There are end number of directories available on web but are all reliable? No, there are many directories that google doesn’t consider and are not ranked too. Make sure you request or get backlinks from the trustworthy directories only.

Guest Post

Guest Post is also one of best idea that you can choose to start building links for your blog. There are many sites for which you can write article but make sure you choose a blog related to your niche and write an article of good quality so that you get a positive response.

These are some of the simple tips on how to do link building that can help you rank on the top of the result page as this is also one of the most important SEO activities for ranking. Do share your views on the same.

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