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The most essential algorithms by google that are important for SEO ranking

Google algorithms are nothing but programs used by the search engines to crawl and index the data which are then given rankings. On these factors google ranks us on the search engine result page depending on how have you followed the algorithms given by them. With the passing years there are many algorithms released by google and now there is always a new change in the google algorithm.

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Here are the most essential algorithms by google that are important for SEO ranking


Panda is considered to one of the most important google algorithm for SEO where you are ranked on the basis of quality score. For high quality score you must have high quality content which is should be relevant to what users are searching. Publishing a duplicate content or spinning articles are must to avoid so that panda doesn’t trigger your site.


Penguin is also an important algorithm which ranks your page on the basis of your linking profile. Penguin triggers only when the site has backlinks of low quality or if the links appeared on the site are bought plus anchor text diversification should not be low. Also make sure that you don’t stuff keyword in your content that is the percentage of keyword should not be more than 3.


Pigeon is a like two in one algorithm which is mainly built for local search and traditional web search. These are mainly for business people where they can use keywords on the basis of location and picture of that location where you must include NAP too, get links from trusted directories, testimonials from customers, etc.

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This google algorithm was mainly built for the sites to be more mobile friendly. Now most of the web searches are made on phones compared to PC or tablets. The things you have to be sure for a mobile friendly site is the loading speed should not go down, no separate websites for mobiles, no messages for contents that can’t be visible and have enough space between two elements.

These are some of the essential algorithms by google that are important for SEO ranking that every blogger a website owner must follow for fast ranking. We hope you have liked this article and got all the info you searched for. For further updates, keep visiting and don’t miss the next article related to digital marketing.

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