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Top 3 Benefits of Google Analytics for SEO

In todays world with so many advanced tools and software present you can not only track on the locations but every possible thing can be tracked. Marketing is one such field where you put in lot of money to gain traffic at the same time you should know on how beneficial are you out the efforts and money you have put in. Unlike in traditional marketing where its was very difficult to keep a track, in digital marketing it is not the same. Here there are many benefits of google analytics for beginners and for every person who is into digital marketing profession.

8 Google Analytics Features You Must Be Using

Know where your users are coming from

Through google analytics you can know where you users are exactly coming from. Here you can get to know every detail about your users from which continent, which country, even from which city are you generating traffic. Through this you will know if you are getting the traffic from the area you need.

Users reaction to website

Through this article you will get to know on how is your impression about your website or a page. You can get every detail about your visitors that is you get to know the bounce rate that means they dint find what they were looking and. You also get to know about the session rate that is the amount of time you have spent on that particular website.

Free tool

The most important point is that this amazing tool by google for analyzing is absolutely for free. Yes, here you use this tool for free which can give you every single detail of how the visitors are with your site, what are the conversion rate, there demographic detail, geographic info and what not, every can be found here. Now the beginners or any other person don’t have to spend a penny also.

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These are some of the benefits of google analytics for beginners and for every digital marketer where you can keep a track on how your customers are responding to your website. The biggest advantage of google analytics for beginners is that they have a demo account too where you can visit and check on their features and explore the tool. We hope you liked this post and got all the info were looking for. Keep visiting to not miss on the next article. Do share your views and let us know how you found this article.

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