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Top 6 WordPress themes for Free

As a website builder, you are always confused on which theme to choose so that your website can give you high performance and also look stylish at the same point of time. There are so many themes available but the best theme with easy customization and best free WordPress themes are mentioned below.

Neverbland Themes


Simple is one of the best WordPress themes that can be used by every blogger which is available for free. The best factor about this theme is that you can design with ease and also you can integrate with Shopify. They have many sticky headers and has easy navigation for better use.


This wonderful theme by WordPress was mainly build so that you could have a website with high loading speed and give you better performance. There you can have full control on website designing from website layout to choosing attractive and fun colors.

Blog Way

Blog Way is a WordPress theme that is for free and with high loading speed which can give you high performance due to which you can generate more traffic. This theme can be easily customized and use amazing various options given by them where you can connect to your social accounts also.


Kale is one of the best these which is mainly built for every food blogger where you can find different type of feeds displayed for blogging which can help you in organizing content and pictures accordingly. You can customize this theme with ease and also add in buttons of your social media platforms.

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Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine is also one of the most attractive and the best free WordPress themes that is highly recommended for every travel, fashion, food, new, journal or any other blogger which is complete SEO friendly and approachable too. This site has many color options with more than 500 fonts styles.


Writee is also one of the best themes for all the bloggers who are interested into photography or have heavy images. This is well improved theme with an image slider of full width and also have an integration with WooCommerce. This is a mobile friendly theme.

These are some of the best free WordPress themes that are highly recommended to very blogger for easy customization and best styling features. We hope you have liked the article and do share your views on the same.

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