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Understanding the Basics related to SEO

There are a lot of competing definitions on the web for SEO, but in essence for seo basics, it is the practice of optimizing a website so users can find it when searching for relevant keywords using a search engine. SEO is no longer about including as many links as you can find but about building the best content experience for your target audience. In other words, SEO is about making your site the best answer to the question users enter into the search engine. This is a significant pivot away from what SEO has been for a long time, and part of what makes our approach unique. We believe that SEO success comes from providing users with rich and relevant content at every step of your online experience, rather than from skewing page content to game algorithms.

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The scale and complexity of Google’s operation is now so massive that an estimated 500 to 600 changes are made to Google’s search algorithm every year. This massive expansion in scope is all in pursuit of returning the most valuable information for addressing every user’s intent. In fact, this focus on the user is what drove Google to offer a range of services beyond search such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube and much more: With every service, Google can answer a user’s questions that much more accurately. Now lets try to simplify the approach to SEO to understand the seo basics.


This covers everything from structuring your HTML elements to reinforce user search relevance to making sure your page loads quickly, can be crawled, is mobile-optimized and has an intuitive hierarchy. Be sure to clean up any lurking 404 errors or indexing mismatches, too, as this shows attention to detail and prevents the disruption of the site experience.

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We keep coming back to this because it should be your top concern. Go the extra mile, from providing a rich resource for searchers to catering to every step in the journey you want them to have. Make your site the best answer to your users’ questions, for as many people as possible.


Beyond being an authoritative voice in your industry, the final set of tasks within our framework is centered around link building. Create original content that is link worthy and structure your site so that the most important content is easy to find via internal links. Once you’ve done that, keep the content coming, and keep it fresh! No matter what, put the best of what you have to offer front and center.

These are some of the seo basics that should be known if you are entering into website building, development and maintainance as this will help you get a better control of what is going behind the all ranking and all the things which becomes very useful. In case you have some doubts or suggestion that you want to share with us than feel free to reach to us.

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