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Ways to Change the Name of a Page on Facebook

Facebook has been one of the best platforms for promoting business. Well, business is not only the first and the foremost thing, however, but there are also a lot of things which you can learn on Facebook. Interacting with the people is the major thing where you will get to learn on Facebook and you also stay updated with the current affairs and the news.  you can know the methods for running Facebook ads for business and change the name of a page on Facebook. Below are the steps in Ways to Change the Name of a Page on Facebook.

How to Run Facebook ads?

How To Create and Manage Facebook Ads- FACEBOOK Tutorial - YouTube

 While running ads on Facebook, it depends totally upon what kind of services and products which you need to promote. Before you start spending money on Facebook ads, you should have a plan of action and for seeing consistent results follow below steps properly:

  • What is the purpose of Facebook advertising whether it can be for generating new leads for your business, sales for your e-commerce store
  • Do you have existing or consistent website traffic
  • Can you create unique content about your business?

Who Is Your Target Audience? 

Irrespective of what business you do, you should get to know the pulse of your customers. Well during the start of your campaign, it is very difficult to target the customers but we will help you understand the roadmap once you start doing it. You need to target the audience based on their location and interests. So, you can also track an individual’s interests on Facebook and even you can check the pages that are being liked by the same individual. Based on those factors, you can run your campaigns.

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Methods to Change Facebook Page Name


First of all, you have to be an admin of the page. Once you login to the page, you need to click about on the left side of your page. Once you click on about, you will find Edit next to your page’s name then enter a new page and click continue. So, you can review your request and click on Request Change.

The above-mentioned methods will let us know regarding the running ads related to your products and change  Facebook page name. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about Ways to Change the Name of a Page on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

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